WE’VE GOT THREE SECONDS TO KEEP YOU ON THIS PAGE, IF YOU’RE STILL READING, WE’VE DONE OUR JOB. It’s the 3/30 rule. If your web page can hook a user for three seconds, they’ll spend thirty. If you keep them educated and/or entertained for those thirty, they’ll give you three minutes. And if you can hold them for three minutes, you can turn them into customers. In these days when number of competitors gets increased literally every second, two things are important:

  • Get aknowledged
  • Once aknowledged, leave possitive impression

What we mostly focus while creating customer's web presentation is what we call "suited design" and interoperability. By this we mean that the page is comfortable to view in every major browser. For test, try to check our webpage from Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox, Android mobile device, iPhone, iPad or whatever else browser supporting HTML5 and CSS3

72% of users say it’s important to them that websites are mobile-friendly, yet 96% have visited a site that doesn’t work well on their device. Almost 75% of respondents said they are more likely to revisit a mobile-friendly site. Users are five times more likely to abandon the task they are trying to complete if the site isn’t optimized for mobile use, with 79 percent saying they will go back to search and try to find another site to meet their needs.

Google research

The research above clearly supports current trends. Did you know that almost 20% of whole web-traffic is generated by mobile devices? Imagine you're the user. Would you rather get information from a page where you zoom your way into desperation, or rather nice clean page easily adapting to your device almost looking like it's been written directly for your device? Answer's obvious, don't underestimate the trends of today, don't let your competition beat you in this easy, but vital step in your business...