Mobile software

Mobile software development

Mobile device market is big with wide range of devices running various operating systems. While it's generally considered, that having apps for Android and iOS are sufficient [85% of market covered], why let the remaining 15% [or better said some of it] go easily? While we still do offer native apps creation, we try to persuade our clients into taking a bit different way - hybrid HTML5 apps build using Phonegap framework. Phonegap is a neat little tool allowing to share same codebase accross platforms while having access to native features via HTML5 meaning the time to write app for all platforms decreases dramatically. This gives customer many benefits, but the most important are lower price [only one code is written] and there is only one codebase to maintain, thus all changes are implemented quicker accross all platforms. If you want your app quick, cross-platform and easily maintanable, we're your choice!

Handheld mobile computers software development

If your business utilizes mobile computers and you feel like you are not using their full potential, it's time to change it. Barcode scanners, UHF readers and other features of modern handheld devices offer possibilities, where sky is the limit in their utilisation. We offer on-demand software creation for mobile computers running on variety of Windows systems [CE, Mobile..] as well as Android.