About Us

Our Company

Since it's start, Brulasoft's aim has been the development of high-quality software for desktop, mobile as well as web platform. Besides research and developement of internal computer performance enhancement software Brulasoft Procwiz, company also started offering outsourcing services. First starting with smaller projects, company slowly started working on larger and larger project leaving the segment of business processes automation helping also companies from other business areas such as entertainment companies, clothing companies, sport clubs and many more. These experiences enabled us to move farther as ranging from small tools to robust projects covering complete data management in terms of size as well as complexity of development, we've always successfully completed the project, sattisfying our customer, which is what we focus on and value most when we look back into company lifespan. We know that sattisfied customer will spread the word and eventually return and we do all possible and impossible to achieve sattisfaction of our clients.

Our Clients

Clients we've done business with cover wide field of operation. Companies doing business in entertainment field, company targetting energetic business, sport clubs, company having inventory management software and many more have already used our services and been sattisfied, feel free to join these ranks too.